Targeted client acquisition
for B2B law firms

Effective prospecting from market leaders

1. Engage Your Target Prospects

It can be difficult to generate high-quality business and differentiate yourself from your competitors. Client.ID takes the guess work out of marketing and allows you to create a pool of engaged prospects that you can nurture until they are suitably interested in your offering. This allows you to take full advantage of new business opportunities ahead of your competition.

2. Nurture Them

We will create a nurturing campaign with you to develop and create a warm bench of prospects who are interested and invested in your law firm’s services. We will keep this group of prospects engaged with innovative content we know is valuable to them, demonstrating your skill and building strong relationships. Using Client.ID to nurture familiarity and trust in your firm means that when your prospects require legal services, you are at the forefront of their thoughts.

3. Know When They Are Hot or Cold

Our unique scoring and grading dashboard means that you can identify those ready to interact with your services in seconds. Our finely tuned algorithms alert you when your prospects are becoming suitably interested in your offering, allowing you to take full advantage of new business opportunities ahead of your competition.

4. Convert The Hot Prospects into Clients

Our engaging, nurturing and scoring methodology allows you to develop a proactive, engaging and transparent approach to building relationships with prospects for legal services. No more shots in the dark or trawling for customers - we will help you identify, nurture and convert today’s leads into tomorrow’s clients.

Meet the Client.ID Directors


Scot McRae began his career on the highly competitive graduate marketing programme with P&G before moving into marketing management roles with Hugo Boss and Bibendum and then launching his own marketing firm focused on B2B.


Adam Gordon is a sales and marketing expert who has worked for global marketing firm HAVAS, in management consulting at PwC and as founder of Social Media Search in 2009, assisting some of the world's leading law firms with their social selling objectives.


Stephen has been delivering legal technology solutions for leading law firms & professional service companies since 2000. Stephen has developed a reputation for implementing practical, innovative and market leading solutions for law firms & professional services companies throughout the UK.