What is Demand Generation?

Demand generation is the term used to described a marketing & sales process designed to raise interest in a service. The initial objective is to engage your audience and then move its members, using a strategic marketing campaign and workflow, from the top of your business development funnel (awareness) to the bottom (ready to buy). This process results in the creation of a demand for your services which didn't previously exist.


Client.ID is a Demand Generation Platform that provides automated online marketing and demand generation software specifically for law firms. It allows you to build relationships with potential clients, and clearly identify when these prospects are ready to purchase your services.

The Client.ID software platform features client nurturing and scoring, email marketing, CRM integration and real-time reporting tools. Our software aligns the efforts of content marketing and business generation teams, saving time and improving the quality of leads and enquiries. Client.ID’s unique scoring algorithm identifies with laser focus, exactly which prospective clients within your pipeline are ready for a conversation about legal services

How does Client.ID scoring work?

The Client.ID algorithm builds an IDScore for each prospective client based on their engagement with the content you create, or provide to them. In basic terms, prospective clients score based on their interactions;

  • If they are primarily interested in news content then they receive low points;
  • if they are interested in legal-focused content then they receive a medium amount of points and if they seem interested in legal advice content / your law firm and services, they receive a higher number of points.

How do I add prospective clients to my ID scoring pool?

Client.IDcan sync with your CRM or you can upload client records from simple data sheets. If you need to build your prospective client pool, our Bureau service can assist you in doing this.

How do we create content to nurture prospect relationships?

Content takes many forms and formats but can include things such as: legal guides, articles about the law or popular news stories, short informative articles such as “5 Key Legal Updates for Employers” or “ Debt Recovery: the Techniques You Need to Know”. You are not strictly limited to writing, content can include infographics, videos or pictures.

You may already have great content ready to show to prospective clients, but if not, our Bureau service can help you create high-quality, brand-aligned content your prospective customers will love.

How can Client.ID help me save money?

As you build and nurture your prospective client pool you create a warm bench of interested parties who want to instruct your law firm. When you are ready to seek work from prospective clients, you can identify in seconds which prospects are looking for your legal services based on their IDScore. You therefore don’t need to invest your team’s resources in time-consuming marketing, or fielding poor-quality enquiries. Client.ID connects you efficiently with your ideal client.

How can Client.ID help me save time?

At any given time you can see which prospective clients are ready to instruct your legal services. This will save you time chasing prospects, and pursuing prospective clients who are simply not interested in your legal services.

How can Client.ID help me improve the quality of leads I generate?

Your initial prospective client pool should include your entire potential client base – anyone who has instructed you or who may instruct your firm in the future. From this wider pool you create a narrow pool of engaged users who are interested in your content and your firm. These prospects will be ready to instruct you when they require legal services, and you can be ready to start a conversation with them as soon as they are ready to listen. Developing this pool is really a numbers game, the more prospective clients you nurture, the more clients you can gain from using the Client.ID platform.

What is ‘spear-fishing’?

Most marketing schemes focus on the volume or ‘net fishing’ approach. This occurs where you mass market to every fish in the sea, throwing most of it back after spending a long time sorting out what is valuable to you. However, ‘spear fishing’ is the opposite. Client.ID allows you to specifically target the most ready, and most profitable clients using our unique scoring alglorithm, reducing the time you spend handling enquiries.

Demand Generation for Law Firms

In today’s market, prospective clients are being approached cold. Client.ID understands that this approach is rarely successful, with most people shutting out law firm’s marketing efforts. In the age of sophisticated online research, it is essential to build relationships with your prospects before engaging them in a sales conversation. Contact Client.ID today and reap the rewards of your marketing efforts in a strategic way. 

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