Every interaction your prospects have with your campaign marketing material is scored and graded. As such it takes seconds to identify which potential clients within your prospect pipeline are ready for a purchasing conversation, allowing you to make contact with them ahead of your competitors.

This background scoring generates what we refer to as an IDScore which correlates with their digital footprint. This IDScore is based upon their engagement with the nurturing content you have created, such as:

  • emails opened,
  • links clicked,
  • landing pages visited,
  • videos viewed,
  • events attended,
  • service pages viewed and much more.

Without accurate scoring systems in place, you would simply be blindly marketing to everyone and anyone who may need legal services, wasting your time and resources.

Client.ID also allows you to build relationships directly with passive prospects making it easier to initiate a conversation around legal services when the time is right.

Demand Generation for Law Firms

In today’s market, prospective clients are being approached cold. We all know that this approach is rarely successful, with most people shutting out unrequested marketing efforts.

In the age of sophisticated online research, it is essential to build relationships with your prospects before engaging them in a sales conversation. Contact Client.ID today and reap the rewards of your marketing efforts in a strategic way. 

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